About Our Company

The MoPower Exchange is a marketplace specifically set up to not only make the physical and digital products and services of melanated-owned businesses available to everyone but to “be about it” when it comes to the circulation of wealth that we do have and to operate as the base of operation for our GODeliverIT! platform that almost totally eliminates the associated shipping costs of placing these goods into the marketplace into a growing network of storefronts committed to the success of Melanated businesses.

The MoPower Exchange is your first point of contact with our community’s Certified Investors’ businesses for actual purchase of products and services that you may have heard about on the UrbanFire Binge Networks. If UrbanFire Binge Networks is the brain, then the heart of this part of our platform is The MoPower Exchange. The MoPower Exchange allows you to list and then sell, trade, and buy vehicles, there’s an investments arm called The MoPower Exchange Crypto Trading System where we can gain control of the almost $2 Trillion we will collectively spend annually starting sometime this year. By controlling the currency in which our wealth is stored and moved and then controlling the marketplace that these currencies circulate within, it empowers our communities to begin the massive circulation of our already-present wealth. We’re bleeding out, family. We have to stop the bleeding… And here’s where we start. To ensure we all stay with it, we have introduced The MoPower Business Association. The MoPower Business Association unites Melanated-owned businesses with the Melanated consumer base giving consumers peace of mind and confidence in buying, and consequently offering businesses tools and discounted services across the KOTF TeleRadio Network platform making them more visible and better established. With The MoPower Business Association Business & Customer Unity Center, customers can provide vital feedback about the companies they come into contact with by way of our vast platform. And businesses can grow their brand using the vastness of the platform creating a true immersive experience sure to grab the attention of their audiences. Join the growing ranks of elite businesses certified to serve us all and watch your business grow. TMBA Certification. We’re about more than bragging rights.

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